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DC-2060B Full automatically hi-speed wet wipes folding and packing machine
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Unwinding the spun lace material by transducer, tension control automatically. Spun lace material cutting device, the cylinder separate the cutting blade. Two labeling device,Cutting a hole on the film by the machine automatically .The circum gyrated form sealing device. Electro motion differential gear, adjust phase without stopping the machine. The relative position of the punching hole, Labeling, and the eye mark are enactment in the PLC. The main electric brand adopts famous brand SIMENCE.
Power supply: three phase380V,50HZ
Power: about 30KW
Suitable raw material:No woven fabric,air laid paper,Spun lace
spec of raw material: 40-60g/m2
Wet tissue unfolding size: 200×(160-200)mm L*W
Wet tissue folding size: 100×(65-75)mm L*W
Designed speed: 100packs/min
Product speed: 80packs/min
Folding way:“Z”,“ZZ”shape
Pieces per pack: 5-25pics
Size of raw material: 320≤Width≤400mm Dia≤1200mm
Size of packing film: Width ≤240mm Dia≤400mm
Size of label: Width ≤60mm Dia≤300mm
Size of machine: 8000*1520*2350mm (L*W*H)
Weight of machine: 6000KG
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