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DC-2030 Full automatically wet tissue making machine
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Technical parameter Product characteristic
I、Main characteristic
The nonwoven adopts the process that be opened by the transducer from center, and controls the strain automatically
Two label machines.
Open a placket on the packing film automatically.
Adopt the sealing set in rotating form.
Electromotorly changing speed machine, adjusting the phase without stopping the machine.
The position of the punching and the labeling can be set on the PLC.
Main electronical machine adopted the famous brand.
The machine adopts the frame form.
II、Main scheme
The water nonwoven folds vertically.
The water nonwoven wets automatically.
The cutting part adopts the fast speed cutting blade. The blade can be changed individually.
The water nonwoven folds breadthwise.
The wet tissue can count and pile automatically.
The packing film can open a small window automatically.
The packing film can form automatically.
The packing film can seal vertically.
The packing film can seal breadthwise.
The main folding machine, the packing machine and the transducer of the sending film can run synchronously and automatically.
The gear case of closed form +the synchro belt + the versatile machine that connects the axletree can run together.
Power: three phase 380V, 50HZ
Main motor: About 20KW
The size of raw material: Width≤160-240, Dia≤1200
The size of the packing film: (mm):Width≤240, Dia≤400
Unfolded size of the wet tissue (mm) :160×200(L×W)
Folded size of the wet tissue(mm):100×(60-75)(L×W)
Designed speed:40pack/min
Productive speed:30 pack/min
Rate of the waster:≤3%
The size of the machine (mm):5430×1300×2040(L×W× H)
Weigh of machine (kg):2000
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